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Quechua Benefit was founded in 1996. Since that time, Quechua Benefit has spent years visiting remote highland communities in Peru. We have listened to the people, created lasting relationships, and served more than 100,000 patients.

Quechua Benefit has created three specific pillars that, with your help, will break the cycle of poverty:


Alpacas lie at the core of the economy of the Quechua people. Quechua Benefit’s goal is to increase family income by 25% through job training and marketing Alliyma products.


A quality education will break the cycle of poverty. Casa Chapi provides primary school education in Chivay and secondary education in Arequipa. Students who graduate from Casa Chapi will go farther and earn more for their families than anyone might have thought possible.


Breaking the cycle of poverty is a nonstarter without curing the root cause of the second largest disease in the world: anemia. It is the world’s second leading cause of disability. In 2016, Quechua Benefit’s first preventative medicine campaign treated 1,000 children for parasites and cured 70% of the children who were diagnosed with anemia. In 2017 we treated 5,000 children and cured 73%.

With your support, Quechua Benefit has: 

• delivered free healthcare to more than 100,000 patients,

• provided disaster relief,

• built a primary school called Casa Chapi,

• built community infrastructure,

• and have established life-long relationships with the people in Peru.

But, there is still more to do.

We cannot wait, we cannot linger. Time does not stand still. With your help, neither will Quechua Benefit.

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