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By Linda Cortright (Reprinted from Wild Fibers Magazine, Spring 2005) Mike Safley is one of the leading doyens of the
Read MoreRead Before You Breed
By Libby Forstner, President Alpaca Registry, Inc. The Alpaca Registry, Inc. s(ARI) Board of Directors has had a number
Read MoreCanadian Regisrty & ARI Registry Reciprocity Issues: A History
I was recently invited to speak about the American Alpaca Market to a group of alpaca breeders in England.
Read MoreThe American Alpaca Market in Retrospect
The term "crimp" has become a very familiar term to Alpaca breeders. Crimp is defined as the natural wave formation of
Read MoreThe Role Of Crimp In The Textile Process
The phone rang. It was 6:30 a.m. on my birthday, March 16, 1995. I was half asleep when Phil Mizrahie, of The Pet
Read MoreIn Search Of The World’s Finest Alpacas
The importance of the ability to select animals with skill and judgment when breeding them cannot easily be
Read MoreSelection from Animal Breeding
The graphic that illustrated the "Ship of Fools" article in Alpaca World magazine is reproduced here, with permission,
Read MoreThe American Alpaca Market: Ship of Fools? I Don’t Think So!
Suri Alpacas have for years been exhibited in the Alpaca show ring in South America but have only relatively recently
Read MoreShowing Suri Alpacas
Sister Antonia Kayser is a plucky 81 year-old Catholic nun with a secret. Born and raised in the borough of Brooklyn,
Read MoreSister Antonia and The Mystic Powers of Peru's Cuy
Fifteen years into the industry and still I struggle with the jargon. Was there ever an industry more beset with quaint
Read MoreCrying Over Spilt Onions?
It is absolutely impossible to attain marked success in breeding domestic animals without breeding them to a certain
Read MoreA Standard of Excellence

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