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Over the years, Julie and I have done business with Michell Co., S.A. purchasing everything from alpaca tops to top
Read MoreA New Dawn in the Ancient Andes (1997)

Don Julio Barreda Painting

Julio Barreda—an artist who extracted pigment from the invisible DNA curling in the plasma of an ancient
Read MoreDon Julio Barreda, 1919-2006
It is important to understand the difference between a business and an investment. Investments are more passive assets,
Read MoreThe Alpaca Business, A Unique Opportunity
This is an old fashioned “on the road” story. Bruce Barr and I spent five days traveling the backroads and highways
Read MoreAlpacas Down Under
Read additional information about the Alpaca Registry, the Alpaca Registry Screening Committee, and other requirements
Read MoreBeing The Best, Alpaca Registry, That We Can Be
Alpaca breeders can not change Mendel’s laws, alter the number of genes which make an alpaca, or affect their
Read MoreDeveloping A Breeding Program
AOBA judges now find themselves in the position of being the “Grooming Police” rather than having the satisfaction
Read MoreCheating At Shows: How It Affects The Whole Industry
Mounting concern is being expressed in Peru over the steady increase of coarser alpaca fibre (31 microns+) whilst the
Read MoreConcern Over Peru's Coarseing Alpaca Fiber
Alpacas come in many colors; on occasion, too many colors. If alpaca breeders do not discriminate against solid
Read MoreAlpaca Color Contamination: When Is It A Fault?
Mike Safley shares a conversation he had with Don Julio Barreda about Peru's alpaca history, Don Julio's first alpacas,
Read MoreA Conversation with Don Julio Barreda

Crinkle versus Crimp diagram

Mike would like to thank Alpacas Magazine for allowing him to extend the discussion of crimp, now that he has been
Read MoreCrimp Versus Crinkle
There is a lot of mystery surrounding crimp. Is it good or even necessary? Should the crimp be bold or fine, frequent
Read MoreDon’t Let Micron Madness Crimp Your Style

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