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Don Julio with his Alpacas

Take the trip of a lifetime with Quechua Benefit! Extend further into the landscape and the natural habitat of the alpaca and the people that have nurtured these incredible creatures and fiber for countless years.

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Nestled in the heart of Peru’s Sacred Valley and only one hour from Cusco, we recently discovered the Apulaya Center for Andean Culture. Apulaya is a small but fascinating place that allows visitors to learn about traditional Quechua culture through Andean music, textile arts, Quechua language, and indigenous cultural studies.
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We are thrilled to release our newest video, "Searching for Siomera." This short film tells the story of how one little girl became the inspiration for the Quechua Benefit Healthy Communities campaign. Watch to find out how this initiative promises to positively impact the lives of thousands of children in the Colca Valley and beyond.

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I have created an itinerary intended for people who have visited Peru already, and probably visited the star bucket-list attractions. Based on my travels, I promise that there’s much to be explored in northern Peru. I have led small-group trips to southern Peru since 2012, but am itching to share a few secret places in the north, featuring little-known archeological sites, stunning natural wonders – and adding yet another dimension to Peru’s culinary reputation!

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I spent two Christmases in Peru’s Colca valley, and I enjoy revisiting those holiday memories, contrasting them with what I experience at home in Montana. In Chivay, Christmas decorations are almost non-existent, at least outwardly. Many homes and businesses, however, maintain a little home-made nativity scene in a corner, with figurines of wise men and animals. The baby Jesus isn’t present, though, until midnight on Christmas Eve, (“la Noche Buena”), when with some fanfare He is added to the scene.
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In explaining the holiday, I had translated Thanksgiving literally as “the day to give thanks.” I learned later that it is more traditionally referred to in Spanish as “el día de acción de gracias,” or “the day of putting thanks into action.” That made me hit the “pause” button. “Putting thanks into action?” What might that mean?
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Over the years, many people have asked me to create my idea of the perfect trip for a two week visit to Peru. The itinerary below has the common bucket list stop at Machu Picchu, but also includes a more exotic destination: Manú Biosphere Reserve.

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It was never my intention to become an international adventure travel guide. I owned an independent bookstore for 23 years, for crying out loud, I’m not Indiana Jones, but here I am, about to guide my fourth group of visitors to Peru’s Colca valley.

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Join us for an opportunity for 30 lucky adventure-minded travelers to extend further into the landscape and the natural habitat of alpacas and the people who have nurtured these incredible creatures for countless years. We only have 4 open seats, so don’t delay!

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