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Kathy McConnell, from Canada, was on the annual Quechua Benefit Peru Tour this November. We were in Arequipa about to begin our adventure! We started with a visit to Quechua Benefit’s Casa Chapi school in Arequipa where our secondary students who have graduated from Casa Chapi in Chivay live.

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Most people have generous hearts but when it comes to charitable giving their mind can play tricks on them. Scientists have studied these mistakes and given them names: 1) The Martyrdom Effect and 2) The Unexpected Joy of Giving.
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Giving can do so much good. The more time you take to decide on your charity of choice the more good you will do. The following list of do’s and don’ts will surely make your charitable dollars go farther.
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I don't want to change anything about Casa Chapi. I love everything there. Especially I love the programs that they have. I hope more kids can go there, because Casa Chapi is a unique place where kids will enjoy there life and not be afraid of anything because Casa Chapi will protect them.
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Richard (“Don Ricardo”) and Jane Miller have been advocates, volunteers and donors to Quechua Benefit since 2008, when fate intervened and they won two alpacas donated by Mike Safley as a raffle prize at a local garden show.

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How do your contributions to Quechua Benefit keep girls in school, empower them to take control of their lives, and change the course of their futures? Watch our new animated short film to find out.

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The Madre Antonia Community Kitchen was officially inaugurated on March 27th in a joyful community celebration. It will provide a minimum of 108,000 hot meals a year. We are extremely grateful for your efforts to make this possible and bring back a source of stability for this small community in the Colca Valley.
Read MoreThe Madre Antonia Community Kitchen Is Now Complete!

We are happy to report that Ichupampa is rising from the rubble left by an earthquake in August 2016. Thanks to you, the Sister Antonia Memorial Kitchen in Ichupampa is nearing completion. The Quechua Benefit team was onsite last week, and the building will be up and running no later than March 15th.

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I spent two Christmases in Peru’s Colca valley, and I enjoy revisiting those holiday memories, contrasting them with what I experience at home in Montana. In Chivay, Christmas decorations are almost non-existent, at least outwardly. Many homes and businesses, however, maintain a little home-made nativity scene in a corner, with figurines of wise men and animals. The baby Jesus isn’t present, though, until midnight on Christmas Eve, (“la Noche Buena”), when with some fanfare He is added to the scene.
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These limited edition Christmas ornament sets were made by Peruvian artist Gualberto Mamani, who also designed and created the stained glass windows at Casa Chapi's Maranatha Chapel. Each set comes in a beautiful wooden box and contains eight handmade ornaments. Bring a piece of Casa Chapi into your family's holiday traditions!
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In explaining the holiday, I had translated Thanksgiving literally as “the day to give thanks.” I learned later that it is more traditionally referred to in Spanish as “el día de acción de gracias,” or “the day of putting thanks into action.” That made me hit the “pause” button. “Putting thanks into action?” What might that mean?
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A letter from QB Board Secretary, Chuck Gulotta. "The kitchen is often the heart of any home and certainly for me, a kid growing up in a large Italian family, that was the case. The aromas, lively conversations and bustle of activity are all evocative of a thriving, happy home for many of us."

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