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Life in the Altiplano

Through the generosity of longtime supporters of Quechua Benefit, Don and Julie Skinner, the Snowmass Community Health Clinic in Chivay will expand its operations to provide year-round dental care and eye exams for Colca Valley children, as well as prenatal care and ultrasounds for expectant mothers.
Read MoreEye, Dental, and Prenatal Care at the Snowmass Community Health Clinic
The Madre Antonia Community Kitchen was officially inaugurated on March 27th in a joyful community celebration. It will provide a minimum of 108,000 hot meals a year. We are extremely grateful for your efforts to make this possible and bring back a source of stability for this small community in the Colca Valley.
Read MoreThe Madre Antonia Community Kitchen Is Now Complete!

We are happy to report that Ichupampa is rising from the rubble left by an earthquake in August 2016. Thanks to you, the Sister Antonia Memorial Kitchen in Ichupampa is nearing completion. The Quechua Benefit team was onsite last week, and the building will be up and running no later than March 15th.

Read MoreIchupampa Community Kitchen Nears Completion
Construction has been progressing extremely well on the Sister Antonia Community Kitchen in Ichupampa. The crews got the foundations in, the first floor walls up, and the second floor poured in record time. We are currently ahead of schedule.
Read MoreProgress in Ichupampa

Construction started last week with the demolition and removal of the existing building. This week the foundations are being dug. Over the next 16 weeks, you will see the construction rise up. We are targeting a mid-March completion.

Read MoreProgress Update: Ichupampa Community Kitchen
In explaining the holiday, I had translated Thanksgiving literally as “the day to give thanks.” I learned later that it is more traditionally referred to in Spanish as “el día de acción de gracias,” or “the day of putting thanks into action.” That made me hit the “pause” button. “Putting thanks into action?” What might that mean?
Read MoreEl Dia de Accion de Gracias

The Inca rulers, with their gift for organizing and governing vast territories, elevated the wild vicuña to exclusive status in their empire. The Sun Kings forbade the killing of vicuña. Instead, ceremonial hunts, or chaccus, were held annually. Thirty thousand people would form a half circle, beating drums and chanting, as the vicuña ran before them.

Read MoreHow Vicuña Survived Mankind

"A month after the tragedy, almost 90% of victims are still living precariously in tents, exposed to the cold and prone to illness, and the Central Government has not planned effective action for rehabilitation, and, above all, has not guaranteed the necessary resources," stressed Arequipa Congressman Apaza Ordonez.

Read MoreNo progress in rebuilding in the villages of Caylloma

So far, we have raised $35,620 toward the $70,000 needed to build a new kitchen for the people of Ichupampa. Mayor Paricela, the Elderly Association, and the group managing the previous kitchen all identified this project as their number one priority.

Read MoreIchupampa Community Kitchen, Update 4

The August 15th earthquake in Peru reduced Ichupampa to rubble. Quechua Benefit recently met with the parish priest and the town's new mayor, whose heart aches for the people she was recently elected to lead. She identified Ichupampa's greatest need - to rebuild the community kitchen that had been serving its community for many years.

Read MoreIchupampa Community Kitchen, Update 3

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