Help us rebuild the Ichupampa Community Kitchen

The August 15th earthquake in Peru reduced Ichupampa, where many families of Casa Chapi students live, to rubble. Quechua Benefit recently met with Padre Marcos, the parish priest, and Rocio Paricela, the town's new mayor, whose heart aches for the people she was recently elected to lead.

Mayor Paricela identified Ichupampa's most pressing need in the form of a project that was destroyed by the earthquake - a community kitchen that has been in operation for many years. Prior to the earthquake, the town was prioritizing to rebuild this center, where the elderly and school children were served hot meals every day. This kitchen is even more important today because the town is now without water or a working sewer system. Teams of women are feeding the homeless on each of the four corners of the square. Mayor Paricela gave Quechua Benefit the complete construction drawings in hopes that we can rebuild the Ichupampa Community Kitchen. We are prepared to begin construction immediately, so long as we can raise the funds. We hope to have the kitchen open by Christmas. Here is why it is important that Quechua Benefit construct a new community kitchen:

  • It will feed the entire town during the next three years as the town is rebuilt
  • The town needs a symbol of hope to sustain them through this uncertain and disheartening time
  • It will continue to serve the people of Ichupampa long after the town recovers

The budget for this project is $70,000 dollars. Your generosity and dedication can help this small town rise up again. Dale Cantwell, a Quechua Benefit board member, will supervise the construction to ensure that every penny of your donations will be spent in the most efficient way possible. We believe that if our supporters open their hearts to this project, the kitchen will soon rise as a symbol of your love for our Quechua neighbors.

If you would like more information about how you might participate in the project you can contact Amanda VandenBosch at (831) 809 1147 or Dale Cantwell at (303) 651 0785 or Mike Safley at (503) 703 6020

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