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Casa Chapi

When children learn to read and write, they can access opportunities that otherwise would have been unattainable. At Quechua Benefit, we have focused many of our programs on promoting children's literacy in the highlands of Peru.

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Kathy McConnell, from Canada, was on the annual Quechua Benefit Peru Tour this November. We were in Arequipa about to begin our adventure! We started with a visit to Quechua Benefit’s Casa Chapi school in Arequipa where our secondary students who have graduated from Casa Chapi in Chivay live.

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I don't want to change anything about Casa Chapi. I love everything there. Especially I love the programs that they have. I hope more kids can go there, because Casa Chapi is a unique place where kids will enjoy there life and not be afraid of anything because Casa Chapi will protect them.
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Through the generosity of longtime supporters of Quechua Benefit, Don and Julie Skinner, the Snowmass Community Health Clinic in Chivay will expand its operations to provide year-round dental care and eye exams for Colca Valley children, as well as prenatal care and ultrasounds for expectant mothers.
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These limited edition Christmas ornament sets were made by Peruvian artist Gualberto Mamani, who also designed and created the stained glass windows at Casa Chapi's Maranatha Chapel. Each set comes in a beautiful wooden box and contains eight handmade ornaments. Bring a piece of Casa Chapi into your family's holiday traditions!
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Chloe Green, a high school student at Cascades Academy in Bend, Oregon, visited Casa Chapi in July 2016. This is her moving account of her experience of how Peru tested her limits, challenged her idea of "roughing it," and made her feel strong.

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What a lovely phrase, “the ministry of your presence.” I reflected on it often, especially during my time as a Peace Corps volunteer. The first goal of the Peace Corps is to provide technical assistance, but it can be frustrating work when nobody takes your advice, or even particularly wants it. The second goal, however, is simply to represent the U.S. to our host country, and that correlates nicely with a “ministry of your presence” philosophy.

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The September 2016 issue of Alpaca Culture featured an article on the stained glass windows at Casa Chapi's Maranatha Chapel. Read the full article, "Local Story Reflected in Stained Glass" by Meyla Bianco Johnston, here!

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Meet Jose Carlos. He is in the 6th grade. I am captured by his bright eyes and mischievous smile as he peers through the glass doors of Casa Chapi’s new bibliotheca. As I motion him into the room, he greets me with “Good afternoon, how are you?” - in English. My surprise pleases him immensely.

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We are proud to officially release our new video, "Casa Chapi - A Chance to Be a Child." This short film documents a child's journey from living in the remote highlands of Peru to becoming a student at Casa Chapi Children's Village.

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