When spun, thin individual strands of fiber transform into strong, resilient yarn, which holds infinite possibilities for beauty and warmth. When a consumer purchases a skein of Alliyma Yarn, they inspire hope in the hearts of Peruvian highland women by empowering and uplifting them with opportunity. Just like the individual threads of yarn, the creators and consumers of this product become woven together in a network of support, love, and strength. The Andean Pastoralists of Peru are often women of immense talent with little prospect of lifting themselves and their children from the heartbreaking poverty of everyday life at 15,000 feet above sea level. These women are keepers of the ancient art forms – spinning, knitting, and weaving. Alliyma joins these talents with guiding principles of fair trade, living wages, gender equal pay, children’s health, nutrition and educational programs to create products fashioned with love from their hands to yours. The products they offer from this pathway of hope are:

Hand-spun, hand-crafted yarns

Hand-knitted specialty products, including socks, teddy bears, and more

Hand-woven fashion items and home goods

Hand-embroidered quilt squares, accessories and home goods

These high-quality products represent yarn as an art form, fashioned in the ancient traditions of Quechua culture. 100% of all profits from this brand go to social programs for women and children in Peru.

"Hope is like a path in the countryside. Originally, there is nothing -- but as people walk this way, again and again, a path appears."

 -- Lu Xun, 1921