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Generation interval affects the rate of genetic change simply because the more rapidly one generation of improved
Read MoreGenetic Change, Part Four: Generational Interval
Genetic variation is extremely important to the rate of genetic gain. The more variation for a particular trait in a
Read MoreGenetic Change, Part Three: Genetic Variation
Selection intensity means being highly selective of the progeny produced by the high-quality parents you have chosen
Read MoreGenetic Change, Part Two: Selection Intensity
A letter from QB Board Secretary, Chuck Gulotta. "The kitchen is often the heart of any home and certainly for me, a
Read MoreAn Oven for Ichupampa in Memory of Grandma Rose
Julio Barreda worked with ancient Peruvian alpaca stock, always striving to improve it. In North America, many breeders
Read MoreGenetic Change in Alpacas: Rules and Tools, Introduction
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to bless something. I cannot stop thinking about how truly
Read MoreWhat Does It Mean "To Bless?"
Chloe Green, a high school student at Cascades Academy in Bend, Oregon, visited Casa Chapi in July 2016. This is her
Read MorePeru Will Make You Feel Strong
High-quality alpacas were exported to the United States beginning in 1993 and lasting through 1998. Simultaneously
Read MorePeru's first export of alpacas in over 100 years
There is an old Quechua myth that tells the story of a princess, the daughter of an Apu, who lived in Lake Titicaca and
Read MoreAlpacas: An Origin Story
The Inca rulers, with their gift for organizing and governing vast territories, elevated the wild vicuña to exclusive
Read MoreHow Vicuña Survived Mankind
Over the years, many people have asked me to create my idea of the perfect trip for a two week visit to Peru. The
Read MorePeru's Bucket List Itinerary
What a lovely phrase, “the ministry of your presence.” I reflected on it often, especially during my time as a
Read More"Presence" Versus Presents

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