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Preventative Medicine

Quechua Benefit had a big year in 2017! Relive our biggest achievements with us from January to December.

Read MoreA Year in Review

We began implementing our Healthy Communities program in September 2016. We are proud to report that we recently re-tested the children who received anemia treatment in eight towns of the Colca Valley, the cure rate was 70%.

Read MoreHealthy Communities: Quechua Benefit’s Public Health Initiative
Through the generosity of longtime supporters of Quechua Benefit, Don and Julie Skinner, the Snowmass Community Health Clinic in Chivay will expand its operations to provide year-round dental care and eye exams for Colca Valley children, as well as prenatal care and ultrasounds for expectant mothers.
Read MoreEye, Dental, and Prenatal Care at the Snowmass Community Health Clinic

Quechua Benefit learned this in January as we conducted our first listening tour in our service areas to understand issues and concerns directly from the people we work with.

Read MoreQuechua Benefit Listens: July Veterinary Listening Tour

Construction started last week with the demolition and removal of the existing building. This week the foundations are being dug. Over the next 16 weeks, you will see the construction rise up. We are targeting a mid-March completion.

Read MoreProgress Update: Ichupampa Community Kitchen

Today, the reconstruction effort is in full swing, the money has been raised, the contracts with the municipality are signed, the site is being cleared, and Dale is in Peru again to begin construction. Quechua Benefit’s wish is that the new construction, the town’s first since the earthquake, will provide people with the understanding that they are not alone. That someone sees their struggle and wants to do something about it.

Read MoreA Peek Behind the Curtain: Quechua Benefit's Team in Action, part 4
The best way to understand the volunteer medical team’s achievements over 15 days is to watch them in action. From the time they eat a rushed breakfast until the time they return late at night after a long day of travel, they literally do not stop. Part three of this series covers the Healthy Communities medical mission volunteers.
Read MoreA Peek Behind the Curtain: Quechua Benefit's Team in Action, Part 3

Sue Regier, the Director of Casa Chapi, and Cassondra Puls of PASS, a Washington D.C. consulting firm, did in-depth interviews of Casa Chapi’s five teachers, four educational staff members, 63 students, and all of their parents. The interviews were conducted in-person at Casa Chapi over a 10-day period.

Read MoreA Peek Behind the Curtain: Quechua Benefit's Team in Action, Part 2

Nonprofits often report on their activities by quantifying the results in mathematical terms, but these numbers do not begin to describe the work that hundreds of loving volunteers and generous donors do to create the math. The most recent trip to Peru by a Quechua Benefit team is a case in point – the story of people moving small mountains to make an immediate difference in people’s lives.

Read MoreA Peek Behind the Curtain: Quechua Benefit's Team in Action, Part 1

We recently returned from Casa Chapi and our inaugural “Healthy Communities” campaign. The QB team was honored to be in the company of Dr. Jose Mosquera, an esteemed expert on parasite prevention and anemia treatment, who serves as the Executive Consultant on Public Health at PASS. Read his full analysis of our Healthy Communities Initiative here.

Read MoreDr. Mosquera's Analysis of Our Healthy Communities Initiative

We asked some of our medical volunteers and translators why they choose to volunteer with Quechua Benefit. Here's what they had to say.

Read MoreWhy Do I Volunteer?

We are often asked questions such as "How long have you been doing missions in Peru?" or "Do you have to be religious to participate?" or "Is there a mission fee?". This FAQ articles will answer most of those questions and more.

Read MoreMission FAQ

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