Maria Fernanda Malcoaccha Nina was born in Chonta, a small, very remote town 2.7 miles above sea level. She is 14 years old. Maria began attending Casa Chapi Chivay four years ago and currently attends Casa Chapi Arequipa. “When I was little I was sad because I only went to school sometimes. My dad did not want me to study because I was a girl. Then my mother took me to Arequipa. She worked as a maid so I could study, but I got sick. Then my mother brought me to Casa Chapi and everything changed. [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video] At first, I was afraid that my dad would come and get me out or make trouble. But he died. When I found out I felt sorry for him but I did not have that fear anymore. Now my brother Angel is with me so I like that. I like everything about Casa Chapi, the Tias (aunts) and Tios (uncles) are good to me. I have learned in life that even if there are difficulties, you have to fight very hard until you reach your goal.I am very happy and sure, I am already in 8th grade in Casa Chapi Arequipa and I trust the aunts and I want to continue studying. I also want the other children who are with me to study and thank Tio Mike and Alejandro for everything. I know some very poor children who are like me, it would be good to help them at Casa Chapi. I like Casa Chapi a lot because I am studying and learning many new things, like painting. I want to learn to paint better with new techniques. I think I can make it because I have patience.” These limited-edition Kuna shawls were special ordered because of Maria's talent and inspiration. She is a testament of the children that attend Casa Chapi and the opportunities it provides. If you are interested in ordering a shawl, click below.  

Maria Fernanda Shawl $350 Maria Fernanda Print $25