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Over the years, Julie and I have done business with Michell Co., S.A. purchasing everything from alpaca tops to top coats. We visited the Michell sorting sheds and spinning plant on our first trip to Peru in 1991. More recently I was invited to visit "Los Sauces," or Mulkini, the Michell hacienda near Juliaco in the district of Puno, Peru where I had the pleasure of getting to know Derek Michell, the grandson of Frank Michell, the company's founder, Derek manages the Arequipa office of the company and his uncle, Michael Michell, manages the company's headquarters in Lima.

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The sustainability of the Australian alpaca industry depends on Australians adapting their alpacas to Australian conditions, irrespective of where they are situated in the country. That means alpacas in different weather and topographical areas will evolve differently. We must not allow the show industry to dictate what we breed, with no concern for where we live. Put simply, animal breeding is a combination of genetics and environment.

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This is a glossary of fiber testing terminology.

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Becoming involved in the alpaca business can be a life changing experience. When people see their first alpaca or maybe just an alpaca image on TV or in a magazine, something clicks.

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This is the first part of the glossary listing secion A-M.

Read MoreGlossary of Alpaca Terminology: A-M

You can read additional information about alpaca breeding standards here for Suri and Huacaya.

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There are major benefits of mobile mating. You can read more about the benefits of mobile mating here.

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Alpaca breeding can be mastered by anyone that is willing to learn. This article discusses the basic elements required to establish a vast knowledge of breeding alpacs.

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Like many of the features of breeding, prepotency is only understood in part, but happily enough is known regarding it to enable the skilled breeder to choose animals possessing it with a reasonable degree of certainty.

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This article shares additional information about pregnant females and their estimated value.

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